Free Voir Dire Resources

Information on Juries

Law Review Article: A New Approach to Voir Dire on Racial Bias:

A New Approach to Voir Dire on Racial Bias by Cynthia Lee, UC Irvine Law Review, Volume 5

Book by a law professor on the benefits of juries (civil, criminal and grand) with constitutional and historical analysis

The Missing American Jury by Prof Suja Thomas

2021 New Jersey Supreme Court case granting defendant a new trial based on State’s voir dire questions that were not impartial or balanced

State v Leo T Little Jr (A-80-19)

Law review article about a survey of 1400 judges and attorneys for why there has been such a decline in jury trials in both civil and criminal cases

Reasons for the Disappearing Jury Trial: Perspectives from Judges and Attorneys, Shari Seidman Diamond and Jessica M. Salerno, Louisiana Law Review, Fall 2020The Missing American Jury by Prof Suja Thomas

First Circuit opinion with 50 pages of discussion on content specific questions and juror surveys in the Boston Marathon case

US v. Tsarnaev, No 16-001 (2021)

Well-researched 2020 article by Colorado Assistant Attorney General on Batson’s three-part test for peremptory strikes and legislative efforts for improvements

The Evolving Debate Over Batson’s Procedures for Peremptory Challenges, Daniel Edwards, National Association of Attorneys General, 2020