October 2022 Newsletter

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10-19 Chicago mixer

Near Chicago this Wednesday? We’re hosting a litigation mixer downtown after work.

It’s at Vol 39, the law-themed bar on the second floor of the Kimpton Gray hotel at 39 South LaSalle. Come on by between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm.

RSVP here (and check out our fancy new survey tool you can use for mock trials)

Let the lead attorney read real-time notes

Prompt the lead attorney in real-time with notes and questions to ask the venire

Your lead attorney is talking to the venire and asking questions. How do you get her attention with important information? Now in JurorSearch you can simply type a note (as on the left) and it generates for the lead attorney (on the right).

Finally, give up on whispers or paper notes. Use a more discreet method of communicating to keep the jurors happy!

Free voir dire resources

What the admin sees

Law review articles, tips and even links to long podcasts about the entire jury selection process from trial lawyers, academics and practioners.

Learn something new here: https://www.jurorsearch.com/free-voir-dire-resources/

Easier way to pay

What the admin sees

When you create a new trial in JurorSearch you select which license you want. Government agencies are always free.

Every account always comes with unlimited users for collaboration.

Try JurorSearch (check if your login works)


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